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"Galilee" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
The SS Door and Cabinet pulls are the most widely used door pulls around the world. The simple yet..
$ 3.28
"Gaza" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
This product too is a popular product as it is made purely of stainless steel and has a very shiny..
$ 3.28
"Halah" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
The “Halah” cabinet and door pull is a very smart product of its kind. This product’s simple desig..
$ 3.28
"Ikkesh" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
This product is a pure stainless steel product. You can use this indoors as a cabinet pull and it ..
$ 1.01
"India" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
The “India” door and cabinet pull is a wonderful product for you to possess. This product is made ..
$ 3.28
"Ishua" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
The “Ishua” Door and Cabinet pull as the name suggests is made for doors and cabinets. This produc..
$ 1.01
"Jaziz" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
This product is simple and elegant and truly serves its purpose. It looks sleek and the design loo..
$ 1.01
"Naomi" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
The “Naomi” Door and Cabinet Pull is a classy example of modern art and design. This product is s..
$ 0.70
"Neziah" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
Built with a lot of elegance and charm, the “Neziah” door and cabinet pull would be a perfect prod..
$ 0.53
"Nicolas" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
This product has in it a raw appeal which you would find hard to ignore. Built stylishly, this pro..
$ 0.70
"Nogah" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
The “Nogah” door pull is a product which can be used not only as a door or a cabinet accessory but..
$ 0.53
"Oded" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
Have you ever noticed the door and cabinet pulls you have been using? They easily get unnoticed, b..
$ 0.70
"Ohad" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
The “Ohad” door and cabinet pull not only act as a door or a cabinet pull but also enrich the déco..
$ 0.53
"Onesimus" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
This product is a genuine stainless steel product which can be used both for indoor or outdoor pur..
$ 0.77
"Onesiphorus" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
The “Onesiphorus” door and cabinet pull come in categories of 3”, 4” and 6” respectively. It is a ..
$ 0.53
"Ophir" SS Door & Cabinet Pull
This product is yet another stylish product from Adonai hardware. The elegant and stylish design o..
$ 0.77

Why Stainless Steel Handles are Called Stain-Less

Every door handle that shines, sparkles and remains unscratched throughout your life are stainless steel handles. We at Adonai provide you with a humongous variety of these handles that are ideal for contemporary or modern interiors. We have all sorts of pulls that come in designer styles; the most popularly ordered one is semi- circle shaped door pulls. These are very trendy to look at and the durability of this item tends to last forever. Besides being trendy they are also very easy to clean and maintain. Usually handles become rusted or damaged due to heavy usage but this is not the case with items made of steel. It is mostly preferred by people for this purpose.

We, at Adonai provide you this item of timeless beauty at a price that requires minimum funds. The low price does not mean that we comprise on our quality. We assure you of the impeccable quality of our products. Stainless steel handles do not oxidize; decay or soil like handles made from other materials and therefore are an investment that you will never regret. They are available in satin chrome and polished chrome finish.

Stainless Steel Handles will Blend in like a Dream to your Home's Interior

Here at Adonai Hardware we have a huge variety of steel handles, ideal for houses with contemporary or modern interiors. They are fashionable, heavy-duty and simple to preserve. We can deliver reasonably priced handles where finance is significant to high-end valued handles. These handles have been so designed that you get the experience of luxury fittings. The sheer gleam of steel handles will awe you. The quality of material that we provide is more or less better than any other hardware company. The processed material that is extracted has been chosen with precision so that you get the top quality material and never have any cause for complaint. We believe in delivering the best product to our customers. We believe in providing perfection so that our customers gleefully return to our store for purchasing more products.

Stainless Steel Handles are a Grand Option for all Sorts of Contemporary Home

Stainless steel handle is tremendously trendy in both housing and business surroundings since they are so vigorous and heavy-duty. This signifies that if you have steel handles fixed in your home, you perhaps won't constantly require changing them again. This will save your funds and, since stainless steel basically looks after itself, you won't require maintaining the handle at all, just possibly removing any marks or dirt with a wet cloth.

The application of stainless steel is that it does not oxidize, decay or soil in soggy situations, like ordinary steel be able to. They arrive in a range of modes and the most ordinary finishes for these handles are polished chrome and satin chrome, which flawlessly praise the interiors of stylish, elegant homes and residences. Surf our special collection now.