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"Naboth" Zinc Bathroom Toilet Indicator Door Bolt
It is easy to find out if the toilet has been vacant with the indicator included in the knob set...
$ 4.93
Brass Cylinder with Knob
The bath knob can be the one you have been looking for all this time. The ease of taking a closer..
$ 7.80

Turn knobs and indicators

The world of door accessories is endless and each item is as important as the other. We have the whole range of these accessories to make your interiors more plush and useful. In our efforts to bring you the best accessories possible we strive each day to keep our ranges up to date. We keep adding items as they are manufactured and keep adding futuristic items that are more reliable. Here we bring you an important door accessory the turn knobs and indicators. These form an essential part of the doors that make your use of the doors more convenient.

When you install turn knobs on the doors you gain ease of access which comes handy when you need to save time. The futuristic look of the knobs has indicators on them so that one can know of your room or bathroom is occupied. This helps in maintaining the privacy at your homes which may be necessary if you have a big family. The indicators are also a smart item to include in your interiors which make them ergonomically impressive. You are sure to win praises for your choice of door accessories once you decide to install these turn knobs and indicators.

You do not have to look for turn knobs for your bathrooms at ten different places. We at Adonai offer you complete range of door accessories no matter how little the accessory is. The turn knobs have a smooth and ergonomic knob that helps you grip it easily and keep your doors stylish. These knobs are available in over ten different finishes so that you can pick one that best complements your doors.  We also have knobs in the form of cylinder which are very easy to install and use. You can get these in single pieces on our website.

We design turn knobs and indicators for our customers who need to make difference in their home interior. These knobs can be easily identified and operated.

We also make easy to install turn knobs so that our customers can easily do the set up. Each product comes with 2 year warranty period.

Our collection includes wide variety of knobs with different dimensions. In order to provide  personalize products to our customers we offer them different finishes like antique copper, brass, black nickel, matte chrome, stain brass, polished lacquered, etc.