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4.50" Flat Wooden Door Stopper
Door stopper may be made of wood but it is strong as any metal object. You get a lot hold on the d..
$ 1.30
4.50" Round Wooden Door Stopper
This is a round head door stopper meant for doors of all sizes. The stopper is made such that it c..
$ 1.30
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6" Flat Wooden Door Stopper
Supplied in single piece to your doorsteps this is a useful door accessory. It is made of wood th..
$ 1.30
High Brass Door Stopper
This is a door stopper which will compliment other items in your door accessory. You can get this..
$ 4.03
Kick Down Brass Door Stopper
A conventional door stopper that has won many patrons around the world is here. You can see the h..
$ 8.20
Low Brass Door Stopper
This is a low brass door stopper that is ready to deliver good performance. It can be easily fixe..
$ 3.77
Round Brass Door Stopper
The door stopper keeps your walls safe from the doors hitting on them. The doors can also be kept..
$ 3.90
Small Tortoise Brass Door Stopper
The shape of the door stopper is in the form of a tortoise and is as firm as the back of a tortoi..
$ 2.54
Straight Aluminium Door Stopper
The door stopper is made from good quality aluminium metal that is known to last for a lifetime. T..
$ 1.65
Straight Brass Door Stopper
The brass metal is here to add variety to the door stopper. You can get exotic finishes to choose..
$ 3.20
Wall Brass Door Stopper
This is a stopper that can be mounted on the walls to keep your doors from hitting it. The stoppe..
$ 5.98

Door Stopper that Help you to Block your Door

Many doors have a tendency to close and open on their own; this damages the wall and the paint of the wall for which you must have spent quite a lot of money. An easy solution to this problem is mounting a door stopper on your doors. It prevents the door from opening too wide and from swinging through when closed. It is a very effective tool for your door and can be installed within the span of five minutes. Now you need not place bricks to stop your doors from closing. You can purchase this item from Adonai at minimal price. You can attach this stopper on the floor, wall, baseboard or hinges.

Door Stop Made from Different Materials

We have a superb collection of this item on our online store that is functional as well as lends beauty to your home. 

1. Wooden

2. High brass

3. Straight aluminum

Types of Door Stopper Available on our Online Store that will Attract you.

The choice depends on the decor of your home. This item is also available in different types of finishing like:

1. Antique copper

2. Brass

3. Black nickel

4. Matte chrome

5. Stain brass

6. Polished lacquered

Door handles damage the walls and in order to protect from this damage a hardware which is known as door stoppers is used. In less than five minutes you can install this door stopper.

According to your appropriate door location and application you can install these stoppers on the floor, wall, baseboard or hinges. We design and manufacture convenient door stoppers which help to hold doors during high traffic.

You can find door stoppers in our collection like flat wooden door stop, high brass door stop, straight aluminum door stop and many more. This all door stop comes in antique copper, brass, black nickel, matte chrome, stain brass, polished lacquered, etc type of finishing.