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10" Black Antique Iron Window Casement Stay
Window casement stay- it is used as a support for letting the window opens. It is very strong and..
$ 6.24
10" Brass Window Casement Stay
The casement stay is the way to your airy rooms and fresh fragrance from outside. You can keep yo..
$ 9.54
10.7" Brass Window Casement  Stay
The overall dimension of the casement stay is 10.7” which may be the ideal size for your windows...
$ 9.83
11" Brass Window Casement Stay
There is this one accessory that is a must in your windows. You can secure your windows the way y..
$ 8.98
12.5" Black Antique Iron Window Casement Stay
Supplied as one piece Made of Cast Iron Finish Displayed = Black Powder Coated ..
$ 6.40
8.40" MS Window Casement Stay
The casement stay is the one accessory that has made to the top of your list. You get the perfect..
$ 1.51

Intricately designed casement window stays

Casement window stays injects a different kind of aura when implanted on a window. casement window stays constitutes an important window accessory. These aesthetically appealing stays are used to control the opening of the window so that you may leave the window fully open or ajar (partially open). In the wake of a downpour - as you wish to touch the rain droplets falling, use this stay to leave your window partially open so that you can enjoy the drizzle and the smell of the wet soil pervade your room indeed a priceless moment. All the brass casement stays are made of brass or steel having various finishes such as zinc galvanized and polished lacquered to name a few. However, you have the option to customize your orders with other finishes too.

Get brass casement stay online at affordable cost

What’s more you can buy brass casement stay premium products from the Adonai hardware stable. We are leading in the sphere of online hardware store and our portfolio is ever increasing. The wide collection we have in our repository is second to none. Above all else, none of our products are quality compromised and the material used for the products is one of the finest. What keeps us head and shoulders above our competitors are our craftsmanship with attention to the minute details and stringent quality test procedures which is why all of our products carry two year warranty. Next time you browse through our catalogue in our portfolio all that glitters is definitely of gold quality.

Evolution of your home with casement window stays

Orchestrate a transformation in your home by beautifying your home with Adonai Hardware products and witness your home evolve into a heavenly abode. All that sheen and shine constitute our product attributes and not to forget, that fabric of sturdiness stitched in all our products which makes it so durable. Our products come in with worldwide shipping, as well.

Many customers appreciated our casement window stays by saying that they are highly durable, easy to use, resist against corrosion as well as appropriate dimensions. It is true that these products match with the industry parameters because they are made up of supreme quality materials.

All casement window stays and mail slots for doors are designed keeping in mind our customer requirements. Generally stays are made up of solid brass and polished with lacquered but one can also choose another finishing according to their wish. Various sizes, finishes and designs are available in our collection.