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2.50" Universal Zinc Cupboard Locks
The 2.50" Universal Cupboard Locks are supplied to the customers in a one - piece format. The prod..
$ 1.30
3" Double Working Zinc Cupboard Locks
The product 3" Double Working Cupboard Locks are supplied by the retailers to their customer..
$ 1.72
3" Universal Zinc Cupboard Locks
An Indian company has come up with the latest product of 3” Universal Cupboard locks for the India..
$ 1.56
4" Double Working Zinc Cupboard Locks
The mild steel made product 4" Double Working Cupboard Locks have now launched in the Indian..
$ 2.08
4" Special Double Working Universal Zinc Cupboard Locks
An Indian company has launched a new product in the market for its people. The Indian product 4" ..
$ 3.12
4" Universal Zinc Cupboard Locks
The Indian customers now have a new product for them launched by an Indian company itself. The pr..
$ 1.98

Cabinet Locks that Fabricate Safety

In movies you see burglars deftly opening locks and stealing away possessions. Beware or this might become a reality while you are out enjoying a similar scenario in movie theatres. Cabinet locks are one of the most essential accessories of your cupboard and therefore you need to select the item with a lot of caution and care. At Adonai, we understand the trust you place in your locks and when you purchase our product we guarantee that they will safeguard your valuables. We offer a wide range of cupboard locks to ensure safety of your treasure.

Cabinet Locks Securing your Home from Pilferage

Along with safety our locks also look fabulous and give your home a divine look. Our cabinet locks will never seem hideous on your cupboard. The dimensions to every lock is mentioned on our website, you can pick out the lock that seems aesthetically pleasing with your cupboard and we guarantee you that they will never cause any trouble. You can leave your house without any nervous pangs or anticipation of any dreadful consequences. Our products are reasonably priced that they never cause a dent in your budget. Browse through our collection and we are sure that our quality products will lure your heart.

Protect your Personal Belongings by Putting on our Cabinet Locks

If you are concerned about security then you are at right place.  We offer variety of cupboard locks in order to make your things safe.

These cabinet locks will help you to keep you things locked in your personal cupboard. Apart from hiding your valuable things you can also use this lock for decorative purpose.

With reasonable rate you can get benefit of security and decoration. So no need to wait, just check out all dimensions as well as styles from our collection and make selection for your cupboard.