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1 Decora Brass Georgian Switch Plate
The switch plate that helps you mount the switch is here. There is space for a single switch and ..
$ 9.20
1 Small Decora & 1 Triplex Brass Georgian Switch Plate
The stylish looking switch plate comes in a metal finish and in a hue that can match most interio..
$ 9.33
1 Small Decora Brass Border Switch Plate
The plain yet useful looking plate can b yours for a price that is quite reasonable. The layers a..
$ 5.12
1 Toggle Rope Brass Switch Plate
The dark bronze finish of the switch plate looks quite exquisite in the form. You can see that th..
$ 6.99
2 Small Decora & 2 Triplex Border Brass Switch Plate
The decorative switch plate can be easily mounted on the walls. You get matching screws with it t..
$ 6.86
2 Small Decora & 2 Triplex Georgian Brass Switch Plate
The two long cut outs that you see have been given for the switches and the rest are sockets. You..
$ 5.62
2 Small Decora Georgian Brass Switch Plate
The Georgian design rules the switch plate that you see here. There are no rough edges and you ge..
$ 5.82
2 Toggle Rope Brass Switch Plate
The toggle design that runs along the edges looks fabulous in the plate. The otherwise plain desi..
$ 13.55
3 Toggle Rope Brass Switch Plate
There are 3 cut out places that can be used for the switches here. The switch plate is the most u..
$ 13.65
4" Toggle Rope Brass Switch Plate
The switch plate that you see here can hold up to four switches at a time. The cut out of the swi..
$ 16.59
Border Brass Switch Plate without Cutout
Here is a switch plate where you can use the given space according to your needs. There is no cut..
$ 8.94
Georgian Brass Switch Plate without Cutout
The Georgian design is inspired by the most decor styles at home. The switch plate can be used ac..
$ 7.28

Switch Plates

Switch Plates have undergone a metamorphosis – the traditional all white are on the wane and replaced by suave looking decorative switch plates. Switch plate can also be looked upon as elements to accessorize the walls. So much water has flown under the bridge, so much so that there are designer switch plates that people are allured to. Adonai Hardware – India’s largest online hardware store has got it all for you – so that you can transform your home to an abode of bliss – all embellished to perfection. Adonai Hardware where all your dreams turns a reality offers you the privilege of worldwide shipping. Switch plates that we are all used to seeing in our growing up years – traditional plain and uncharismatic – having migrated to the new era comes in a new avatar much pleasing to the eyes. Switch plates are available in an array that would leave you spellbound and all embroidered with impeccable artistry.

At Adonai Hardware, an offering that is so intrinsic that no other online hardware store provides – a two year warranty wraps all our product offerings. Needless to say, the quality is the best in the class. An online hardware and home décor store having a wide range of collection. Speaking of switch plate, we have an exciting plethora of collection you can select from. To name a few – our top picks are Decora Brass Georgian Switch Plate, Toggle Rope Switch Plate and Georgian switch plate. We have also other switch plate variants to choose from to make your wall come alive. Furthermore, all the switch plates are made of high quality brass so that it can exuberate that panache you are seeking for. It is shipped as a one single component so that when you take it out of the box – it is ready for you to just slip and fit this all solid brass switch plate into the groove – so easy.

We offer extensive range of switch plates for your homes. Our switch plates are designed in such a way that it will match with your room decor. We have antique designs which can match to traditional or modern home designs.

Our plates are generally made up of solid brass and finished with polishing of dark bronze, oil rubbed bronze, polish lacquered, vibrated antique copper, etc. All plates are durable and of high quality.