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"Abital" Black Antique Iron Window Sash Fastener
A strong and Resilient Designed Window sash Fastener which is made of Cast iron and beautifully d..
$ 4.16
"Adaiah" Black Antique Iron Window Fastener
The use of fastener in home is to ensure that windows are securely closed or not.”Adaiah” Black A..
$ 3.81
"Ahlab" Black Antique Iron Window Tee Fastener
  Supplied as one piece Made of Cast Iron Finish Displayed = Black Powde..
$ 4.34
"Baruch" Brass Door Fastener
The name o the fastener is special and means one who is blessed in Hebrew. The fastener has a sty..
$ 19.89
"Basemath" Brass Door Fastener
The word Basemath is taken from the Bible where it is the name of three women and means fragrance..
$ 19.97
"Kaan'' Brass Window Fastener
The use of fastener in home is to ensure that windows are securely closed or not.”"Kaan'' Brass W..
$ 10.25
Heavy Curved Brass Fastener
The easy to mount window fastener is here to make your interiors shine. The fastener comes in eve..
$ 8.65
Left Curved Brass Fastener
The work of the fastener is to keep your windows protected from bad weather and heavy winds. The ..
$ 8.65
Right Curved Iron Fastener
The curve of the fastener works in favour of the user as it has ease of access. Get the superb qu..
$ 8.79
Straight Brass Fastener
The fastener you see here has the aura and style that will make your windows shine. The fastener ..
$ 7.80
T-Handle Brass Fastener
The T-handle conforms for ease of access and lasts for a long time. The fastener here is full of ..
$ 4.62
Twisted Iron Fastener
The twisted look in the fastener brings out the beauty of the product. The design is one of its k..
$ 8.79

Window Fasteners

A home is not a home without windows and a window is incomplete without window fasteners. Window Fasteners are one of the elements in a window that the eye attracts. More than often, it is the Window Fasteners that transforms the window and upscales the ambience of the home. Be it small or big, Window Fastener is the most trending item in the home decor space. The window fasteners have really undergone a sea change and are now available as decorative window fasteners with top of the line embellishments. Adonai Hardware has it all - you name it - you got it. Our array of decorative hardware is ready for you to embellish your home and transform to heavenly abode.

Heavy Curved Fastener is our newest window fastener that has all the panache to woo anyone. Heavy Curved Fastener is made from the highest quality of solid brass. All our products has a tag of 2 years warranty and is ready for worldwide shipment. Window fastener can be well complemented with window hardware and window handle to amp the serene look of the windows of your home. Picture this: the window silhouetted against the setting sunset and that brass window fastener scintillating to render a lustre in the vicinity of the window - almost grandeur of a sight!

The heavy curved fastener is available in various finishes from antique brass to polish lacquered to polished nickel - Adonai Hardware has it all for you under one roof. The heavy curved fastener is also available in polished chrome finish to delight any connoisseur with a sophisticated aura and is quality tested to endure the test of the times.

Adonai Hardware has got everything in the ambit of hardware and decorative hardware so that you can leverage from this to beautify your home. A top notch collection of decorative hardware to browse from and leave you spell bound.

We indulge in designing and manufacturing of best quality window fasteners. These fasteners are made using cast iron and solid brass which can beat the competition of industry.

In order to meet demands of customers we manufacture wide range of products in different dimensions and specifications. Also we offer various finishing like black nickel, matte chrome, polished lacquered, etc.