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14" Brass Poker
It is the make of this fire tool that is the highlight here. You can see the perfection and preci..
$ 9.10
16" Brass Brush
We make tools and hardware accessories for your convenience. This is the reason the tool is desig..
$ 17.16
16" Brass Holder
The brass holder is made from best quality brass and has been given a shine that can lighten up t..
$ 20.59
16" Brass Poker
The brass poker is made to perfection and is made available to your doorsteps. There is a wonderf..
$ 13.26
16" Brass Shovel
The shovel is a useful tool when you have fire place in your homes and offices. You can easily mo..
$ 14.82
18" Brass Brush
The brass brush is a handy tool in your fireplace. It helps you clean the ashes so that your fire..
$ 21.32
18" Brass Fire Tools Complete Set
The fire tools are an essential item at the fireplace. You need the tools to start the fire and k..
$ 86.94
18" Brass Holder
The black brass holder that you see here is very functional and unique. It has been made of the b..
$ 23.66
18" Brass Shovel
The brass shovel transforms your fireplace into a beautiful and warm area. It helps you start the..
$ 17.06
18" Brass Stand
The brass stand that you see here is made of superb quality brass. The finish is so smooth that w..
$ 30.00
21" Brass Fire Tools Complete Set
You get the complete set of fire tools and all made in high quality brass. The brass used in the ..
$ 114.66
21" Brass Stand
This is a beautiful accessory for your fireplace. You can keep the fireplace organised with the h..
$ 39.36
27" "Ishmerai" Fireplace Tongs Log Grabber
  Supplied as one piece Made of Cast Iron Finish Displayed = Black Powde..
$ 31.00
28" "Elzaphan" Wrought Iron Fireplace Log Grate
  Supplied as one piece Made of Cast Iron Finish Displayed = Black Powde..
$ 71.60

Fire Tools and Sets

Adonai Hardware is India‘s largest and most evolved online hardware store. Adonai Hardware having completed 33 years has an expertise in the realm of home décor and hardware which is unparalleled and unmatched and is being benchmarked by many organizations. In the digital space, there are many online hardware stores that are proliferating and the list is ever growing but Adonai Hardware stands for quality, satisfaction and commitment towards customer delightfulness. More importantly, the leitmotif of Adonai Hardware is to make your home a beautiful place – almost heavenly – and all of these at a price point that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. What our customers can be rest assured of and the element that gives the peace of mind is the quality of the material used is one of the finest and all our products possesses two years warranty.

Fire Tools and Sets constitute the essentials that a home must have. We offer exclusive Fire Tools and Sets that are very unique in design and form factor. We have a whole range of Fire Tools and Sets comprising of brass poker, brass stand, brass brush, brass shovel and many more. All of these are available in various finishes too such as black powder coated and polish lacquered which is why you have the luxury to browse our Fire Tools and Sets collection and choose the one that perfectly syncs in with your home.

Our online virtual store at has immersive range of collection that has all the potion to transform your home to a heavenly abode. You have the privilege of viewing the various finishes to match up with the color of the interior walls or theme of your home. You are also empowered to gift any of our products overseas to your friends or relatives as we ship our products worldwide.

Our fire tools will help you to get efficient fire at your fireplace. These tools provide help to burning place. We offer various designs of fire tools and set which will suite your home decor.

With the help of these tools you will be able to clean up ashes and other dirt while the fire is burning. Generally fire tools are made up of brass and iron with the finest finishing of polish lacquered. Our collection consists of pokers, holders, brushes, shovels, stands and advanced complete sets.