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131mm x 78mm Iron Security Door Chain
The door chain you see here is strong enough to keep even hard doors at bay. You can move in your..
$ 6.12
14.1 Inch "Jemima" Brass Door Chain for Security and Trunk Boxes
Supplies as one piece per pack with matching screws Made of Brass  Finish Di..
$ 3.00
155mm x 42mm Iron Security Door Chain
It is easy to mount this door chain on the doors and then forget it. The best quality of iron use..
$ 6.07
18.9 Inch"Jemima" Brass Door Chain for Security and Trunk Boxes
Supplies as one piece per pack with matching screws Made of Brass & Ships in 7-14 b..
$ 3.55

Security Door Chains

Security Door Chains are one of the most important accessories a door can possess. More than an accessory, as the name suggests the security door chains provide excellent vantage from which the security is leveraged. If you are a fashionista for your home, then look no further – Adonai Hardware being India’s largest online hardware store is all set to rock your home for sure. Next time you or your guest sashay through the door, a mere glance on the security door chain will give a sense of bliss and the door can flex its muscle as it has the security door chain to protect your home. Not only it renders the element of security but you also have the option to leave the door ajar without any fear by locking the door with this security door chain. This is useful when we want to leave the door partially open so as to peek for any guest expected at your doorstep or waiting anxiously for your beloved to arrive at home from office in the evening while still offering the security envelope around your home.

Now that the security door chain has all gone contemporary in style and built, you can cash in on this opportunity by browsing our bouquet of products in our online store. What’s exciting from the consumer’s perspective is that all our products are provisioned with two years warranty and furthermore, to take the consumer experience to a new high, we also offer worldwide shipping.

Security Door Chains are all made of high quality of iron which has added durability and coated with black powder for that impeccable finishing. The designs of the security door chain are unique with attention to details and craftsmanship that you should be proud of. Have an enhanced security cover for your home with a touch of elegance with Adonai Hardware’s security door chain and buy peace of mind.

Our uniquely designed security door chains are best suited for your door. These are built up in the way which is simple to install and use. All door chains are highly durable as it is made up of iron and coated with black powder for excellent finishing.

Security door chain is appropriate on a door where the handle is on the right-hand side of the inside door. Apart from making you safe and carefree it will give an attractive look to your door.