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Lid Support Iron Hinge
The hinge is made to perfection and is very functional. The screws are tested and made to perform..
$ 5.20

Window Fitting that is the Soul of your Windows

There are several reasons why we should construct windows in our house. The foremost reason that comes to mind is that it allows ventilation and helps to lower the temperature of the room. Window fitting are an essential component to securing your windows precisely. If the hardware of the window is not installed properly then it can cause a lot of trouble to you especially if the hinges are not secured properly. The structure tends to loosen and may cause serious injuries, if the handle or the fastener breaks then you endanger yourself from the weather or put yourself and your family at risk from intruders or criminals.

Sleek and Sophisticated Window Fitting

Adonai hardware presents polished and sophisticated window fitting for your home. Every setting of the window can become decorative if you choose the right hardware for your window. Our items lend elegance to the structure of your home. The items purchased from Adonai hardware will give lend artistic beauty to your home. Besides being beautiful these items also come with a 2 year warranty so you can be assured that if there is any type of damage visible in your products then we will replace your good within the time period slotted in our return policy. We take the responsibility of providing you with safe and quality products at a very reasonable price so that you feel happy while making a purchase from our online store rather than feeling the burden of its expense.

Renovate your Home After Checking our Collection

You can renovate your any type of window as you want with our hardware collection. Fine and antique hardware will enhance the look of your windows. These all products come with 2 year of warranty period.